Ready to ship?

Follow our simple steps and send your package to the ship-to address below:


What to include with your shipment:

For most DJI products, we need at a minimum your drone and the remote control. While we do have test remotes on hand, sending your remote along will save the step of re-linking once you get your drone back. It is not necessary to include any other accessories such as the charger or additional flight batteries. We have most test batteries on hand, but you may send one along provided it is mounted in the drone body during the shipment (max 99 watt-hour capacity). If you have everything already contained in a tidy travel case, you may send it all along. For all other drones, we recommend sending along what is necessary to test and operate the drone. This includes the remote control, propellers, flight battery and charger. Please only send along the flight battery if it is installed into the drone (per regulations: shipping hazardous materials).


Box up your items and ship your package

Use bubble wrap of similar products to protect your items during shipment. Generally speaking, the smaller box you choose, the cheaper shipping will be. Small to medium size boxes are free at your local post office. Once your package is ready, you can either print off your own shipping label online or take your box to the local Post Office to have a shipping label made. Once you have a tracking number, feel free to update us with this information. Looking for our ship-to address? Scroll down to the next tab.


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