Shipment information

Ready to ship? Follow the instructions below to get started.


What to include with your shipment:

For all DJI drones: At a minimum, we need just the aircraft. We also suggest sending along your remote control to save you the step of needing to re-link your remote when your drone comes back. You may send a flight battery along provided it is mounted in the aircraft during shipment (not loose). Don’t worry, we have test batteries on hand for most popular models. We do not need any other accessories, but if everything is already neat and tidy in a travel case, you may send it all along.

For all other drones: Please send along what is necessary to operate the drone. This includes the remote control, flight battery (one only please, mounted in the aircraft, not loose), charger and the propellers.

Please do not send along more than one flight battery! Lithium batteries must be mounted in the aircraft as intended to ship safely. 99 watt/hr max battery size.


Box up the items and ship your package

Use bubble wrap or similar products to protect all of the items. Be sure they are held snug inside the box to avoid shifting during shipment. Generally speaking, smaller boxes are more affordable - keep this in mind when boxing up your items to save on shipping costs. Free small to medium size boxes are available at your local post office. Please use the United States Postal Service (USPS) to ship your item to us. If you need to ship via UPS or FedEx, please contact us first. The final delivery address is a PO box, your drone will be waiting safely inside for us to pick up daily. Once boxed up, either print a shipping label at home from your printer or bring the package to your local Post Office to have them work up a label for you. Once you have shipped your package, update us with your tracking number if available. We will let you know once we have received the package and again once your free diagnostics and repair estimate is ready.


Ship-to address information

Send your drone repair to this address:

Madison Area Drone Service LLC

PO Box 812

Portage, WI 53901

Do you need help with shipping? No problem. We can send a shipping kit to your address. Start a repair ticket today: